All products sold on MARGAY’S official online shop are covered by the internationally recognized 24 (twenty-four) month legal guarantee that covers manufacturing defects (defects in conformity). The legal guarantee against conformity is valid from date of purchases.

In the event of manufacturing defects, the customer has the right to request the repair or replacement of the item. In the event that the repair or the elimination of the damage would be too expensive, the customer is entitled to a reduction in the purchase price or to the cancellation of the purchase contract.

The guarantee is usually excluded if the cause of the defect lies with the customer, for example due to the inappropriate use or handling, or due natural wear and tear of the jewelry, or if the customer has attempted to carry out a repair himself or by third parties.

What does a manufacturing defect mean? These are deviations from the quality of the production, for example such as:

What is not а manufacturing defect and is not covered by the warranty, when

(1). Casting defects (ornaments inside with pores)

(2). Plating defects (has stains or spots).

(3). Enamel defects, it swells and peels off

(4). The stone is poorly or defectively set in a cast, it wobbles and/or falls out

(5). Mounting defects, traces of glue are visible on the jewelry

(6). Incorrect alloy composition, metal turns red or green

(7). There are stains on the stones and pearls

(8). Poorly connected rings or ringing chains

(9). The jewelry is not asymmetrical, unless it was an invention of the designer


(1).  On the jewelry are traces of mechanical damage, caused by natural way in the process of wearing, for example such as:

• Stones or other details fell out of jewelry due to impact, falling or removing.

• Jewelry has scratches, scuffs, or chips, which caused by the process of wearing

• Flacks, chain, rope torn or stretched

• Broken, bent, curved or changed the shape of the jewelry

• Jewelry was cleaned with chemicals

(2).  Storage and care conditions were violated.

(3). The changes occurred due to the natural wear and tear of the jewelry

(4). Jewelry was repaired by third parties

(5). Part of the jewelry or jewelry set were lost.

You are welcome to communicate all conformity defects for items purchased on our official homepage by following steps for your return shipment.

  1. Please write to our Customer Service: and attach a picture of the jewelry with possible conformity defect. That will give us the possibility to evaluate and decide if it a manufacturing defect or a damage caused by improper handling.
  2. In case of a possible manufacturing defect, you will receive a service form to be filled out and to be sent to us. Please note that incomplete or illegible service form cannot be processed and will be returned.
  3. Pack the jewelry carefully and securely in the original packaging together with the service form, copy of the invoice and copy of the warranty certificate. Please keep your original invoice and warranty certificate with you. In order to utilize the guarantee, you can only receive our services free of charge if you provide us with all the documents. Please note that we cannot offer any guarantee for damage caused by improper handling.
  4. Take your parcel to the post office and send to our office. Please make sure you have sufficient postage - unfortunately we cannot accept shipments that are not postage-paid enough. Be sure to keep the posting slip (with the parcel number) until you have received your piece of jewelry back, as your parcel is automatically insured.
  5. Once the piece of jewelry has arrived at our office and our Customer Service has verified the product under warranty, we will process your return according to your wishes and get back to you as soon as possible.